Spartan Day One!

Yesterday marked Day 1 of a new adventure for our family. We purchased a 1956 Spartan Imperial Mansion – with full intentions to renovate it for daily living. That’s right, we bought a 59 year old trailer for our family of 3, and we are ECSTATIC!! Actually, right now we’re just anxious to get her moved home because, well, she needs some work.

We don’t have a good pic of the outside because she’s still in storage, but here’s a crappy pic in case you have no concept of what a Spartan is.

I’m sure you can imagine what nearly 6 decades of occasional use does to a home…or maybe you can’t… trust me, it’s gonna be a process! But, Oh!! the bones of this trailer are magnificent! This is the wardrobe in the master bedroom:

Who says “tiny living” = no storage space?!

I’m in love with the style in here, and The Mr is excited because he’s claiming half the closet space (which gives him more closet space than he’s ever had in our “big” house). But let’s talk about the elephant in the room shall we? No, that isn’t a crack about the photog in the mirror (I love you, babe!). It’s a crack about the floor. Which was ill-advisedly covered in a terrifically-shagadelic-burnt-orange horror. This, my friends, was the FIRST thing to go. And underneath we discovered a nearly perfect original tile floor – a true masterpiece! Unfortunately, the tile work in the rest of the house is pretty much a wreck. But The Mr believes he can salvage a few tiles from other areas to replace the few damaged ones in here, so we intend to keep the look in our bedroom and into the bathroom. Here’s a shot once he’d removed the carpet, padding & tack strips:

Can you here the melodic tone of angels singing? No? Is that just me? Gosh, I love this floor!
Can you here the melodic tone of angels singing? No? Is that just me? Gosh, I love this room!

I’m pretty sure that our bedroom is going to need the least amount of renovation, so we certainly have our work cut out for us! Keep following here for updates on the progress of our new Spartan Home, and maybe a few other random bits of life, too.


3 thoughts on “Spartan Day One!

  1. Happy to be the first to post here and wish the three of you a hardy renovation. Excited to follow you here as well as a periodic inspection of your construction.


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