What’s in a Floor?

I’m feeling a little Shakespearean today, and had trouble landing on the right title for this post. It was a toss up between “What’s in a Floor?” and “Asbestos? or Not Asbestos? That is the Question”. If you read my first post, you know how much I love the original flooring in the Spartan. I mean, it’s REALLY cool. Here’s a close up of a few tiles I cleaned up in the bedroom:

The colors were probably brighter in '56, but I dig the soft hues.
The colors were probably brighter in ’56, but I dig the soft hues. They look even better in person!

However, my dad took a tour of the ole Mansion and his #1 concern was asbestos in the floor tiles. Boo!! According to him (and other random people on the internet), the old 9×9 tiles were the ones most likely to contain the hazardous toxin. After making five phone calls to different city, county & state offices, I was finally directed to a list of private labs who will test my precious floor for a mere $30. So, today I mailed off a small sample of tile and the glue we pried from the subfloor to the lab for the official diagnosis. I was told to expect an answer within 3-5 days. I’ve got every finger crossed that we get a clean bill of health (aka, NO ASBESTOS)!

In the meantime, I’ve made two trips to two different landfills to get rid of that hideous (and grotesquely…well, gross!) carpet, a couple busted tires, an old heater, and other random stuff that was in the house when we bought her. Thankfully our awesome mover, Kenny, took a ton of old semi-trailer tools and pieces that were left in the living room. There were probably some things of value in there, but it was priceless to us for him to just haul it off. And now that we’ve got the junk cleaned out, we can take a better assessment of where to go next…and once I have that list from The Mr, I’ll share it with you. 😉


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