Remodel vs Restore

In the world of vintage trailers, and really vintage anything, there is a distinct difference between “remodeling” and “restoring”. Those who “remodel” are changing the original design or functionality of the space. Those who “restore” are using every original part & piece possible to reclaim the glory of the day it rolled off the factory line. This seems as good a time as any to point out that we are going to REMODEL our ’56 Spartan Imperial Mansion. Continue reading


The “whys”

The past couple weeks have been slow in the progress department due to our trip to Indiana and some necessary overtime at The Mr’s 9-5 job, so I don’t have any big reveals for ya today. Instead, let’s take a few minutes to unpack the reasons behind why we are going from an average family to a SpartanFamily: Continue reading

Spartan Honeyhole

For those of you reading who are part of the vintage trailer world: you have probably heard of Dan Piper from Because, seriously, Dan IS the man.

For those of you who are from my hometown in north central Indiana: I am about to blow your minds by showing you something that you never knew was in your own backyard.

For everyone else: just keep reading…I promise it WILL be worth it. Continue reading

You Can Stop Holding Your Breath Now….Or Maybe You Shouldn’t

The results are in and the news ain’t good, folks. If you’ve been following along with us, you know that we sent off a sample of our beloved floor tile to be tested, and it turns out our atomic tile is 4% asbestos. Though it isn’t the news we were hoping for, we aren’t giving up hope of salvaging our master bedroom floor. This just means the process to get there is going to be a bit more involved than we originally planned. Continue reading

My Kind of Art

Before we start any more demo. Before we figure out how we’re going to actually live in this tiny house. Before we make any of the thousands of decisions that lie ahead on this journey, I thought I would take the evening to honor all of the craftsmen and craftswomen who engineered, machined, wired, stained, trimmed, plumbed, sawed and poured their lives and imagination into this amazing piece of art. Continue reading

All By Myselllellelf

The Mr and SpartanKiddo took off for a 24 hr trip to visit SpartanGranny & SpartanPapaw, leaving me and SpartanDog to fend for ourselves. Before they left, Kiddo and I took the pup for a ride to TSC (that’s Tractor Supply Company for all y’all Northerners), a nail trimming and then gave him a bath in the backyard. All of which completely exhausted SpartanDog, so he has basically slept the rest of the day away. (Which is basically just like every other day, but I was trying to make him feel better with the excuse.) Continue reading