VCT = Victory!

The floor of our Spartan beauty has been an ongoing project since before we ever brought her home. So as to not disappoint, I bring you another blog post about the floor! More specifically: new tile.

No, we haven’t installed new tile, but we did buy some. That’s progress! The Mr seems to be slightly addicted to scouring Craigslist for anything we might remotely need, and last week he hit the jackpot. A local church had an entire classroom full of random-stock VCT. And most of it was good quality, new-in-box, name brand 12×12 tiles, and some fun colors to boot! (We steered clear of the faded boxes proudly labeled “Asbestos Tiles”. Ugh. BTDT.) The catch: there were limited amounts of each color/style and it was tricky tracking down multiple boxes of our favorites. But time (and a very patient and helpful country pastor) paid off. We came home with these 3 colors:

The color pattern is still under debate, but we have the most of the tan-ish tile so it will be the
The color pattern is still under debate, but we have the most of the tan-ish tile so it will be the “base” with pops of black and teal.

As a recap of blogs-gone-by, we have torn out the original tile in the whole house, EXCEPT for our master bedroom. (Okay, so I didn’t blog it, but The Mr did finish the tile removal through SpartanKiddo’s bedroom and the bathroom area this past weekend. It was a whole “Return of the State Puft Marshmallowman” scene, but without pictures. Sorry.) We are left with a handful of crumbly tiles to be carefully plucked out of the master, and then on to replacing them with the “good” tiles that we salvaged from the front of the house. Basically, we have about 30 tiles to put down. A third of them will go in the tiny hallway between the bathroom vanity and our bedroom, so that the tile will be consistent up to the threshold of the new door that The Mr plans to put in. So we had to have a real heart-to-heart with the salvaged tiles the other day. We started by rating them all as “A Full” (best quality for the full 9×9 tile), “A Half” (best quality for only 1/2 of the tile), “B Full” & “B Half” (I’m trusting you can extrapolate the meaning of those last two 😉 ). We quickly realized that we didn’t save enough “full” tiles and would have be mixing and matching halves in part of the room. And a few rough “B Full” tiles would be strategically placed under the bed, never to be seen again. But, since we have almost exactly as many salvaged tiles as we need, we needed to be sure we placed them ALL as strategically as possible. So, The Mr made a grid. It’s kinda what he does: planning out the nitty-gritty details of building design. And it’s awesome. We also took some time with a bowl of soapy water and rag to hand scrub the salvaged tiles, The Mr used the power sander to smooth out the backs of them (wearing the respirator of course, even though we know the paper backing was NOT asbestos), and then stacked them in the sun so they would soften enough to flatten out with a heavy weight on top. A little painter’s tape to label the old tiles with corresponding numbers from the grid, and we’re set! If all goes well, we should have pics of the newly/oldly tiled master bedroom floor within a matter of days. Now THAT’S progress!

Some days I love his OCD tendencies. ;)
Some days I love his OCD tendencies. 😉

One thought on “VCT = Victory!

  1. I can’t wait to see pictures of your progress! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! my husband and I just found a Spartan for sale, he is going to go look at it this week and hopefully buy it for me 🙂 We have the same plan in mind to remodel it and move into it with our two kids so we can save money and get out of debt. The only difference is we will be living in an even smaller vintage camper on my parent’s property while we fix it up if all goes well.


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