Oven Lovin’

Recently the Spartan kitchen has been a source of contention between my heart and my head. It’s made me want to forget all thoughts of downsizing and fantasize about McMansions with room for every amenity known to man. But today I got a repreive from all that because we bought our first appliance, and I. Am. In. Love. Seriously. 

But before you share in the gloriosity of the new acquisition, you must endure the agony of my contention. You may recall my resolute declaration of non-negotiables not so long ago: a washer/dryer and a dishwasher, cause who has time for hand washing anything?? Apparently, I do. You see, after hearing multiple and reviews of the W/D combo units we were eyeing, we realized we needed a separate “washer” and “dryer”. Now, there is only so much space in a tiny kitchen, so something else had to give, and that “something” was my dishwasher. Enter Stressor #1. At this moment I immediately began hand washing dishes (to clearly prove to The Mr that it was cruel & unusual punishment, and simply unreasonable to expect it to happen), and I purged a few more dishes. While it still isn’t my favorite thing to do, I do appreciate how much cleaner our dishes are when hand washed and it honestly isn’t that much more work than loading and unloading the dishwasher, re-washing the few things that didn’t come clean, and drying the things that were still wet. I have had a couple moments where dishes have piled up in the past few weeks and I’ve broken down and ran the dishwasher, but overall I’m content with living without one.

Another shattered kitchen dream has been the fridge. Remember that beautiful vintage-inspired fridge I was crushing on? Well, it’s a no-go for us. I guess it was a long shot from the beginning, but the cost and size just make it unreasonable and we will likely end up buying a modern 24″x24″ stainless steel fridge that is as tall as we can find. Since the footprint is so much smaller than what we’re accustomed to, we need to take advantage of the vertical space. To compromise, and since we both LOVED that ‘robin’s egg blue’ color of the Elmira fridge, we’ve decided to make that our accent color in the Spartan. It may end up as the laminate countertop color, and we’ve found a similar hued VCT tile to use in our floor design.

My main stressor in the kitchen is simply: cabinet space. As in, I don’t have any. With appliances filling up all the available space around the room, save one stack of 12″ wide drawers, I literally have no lower cabinets. This is the issue that runs wild in every direction of my mind when I lay down to sleep at night. It’s the reason I keep pulling out another pot or baking dish that I can ‘live without’ to go to the sell pile. It’s the reason I want to scream and cry in the middle of the afternoon somedays. Okay, yes, SpartanKiddo may also be part of that issue from time to time, but let’s not take away from how devastating my lack of cabinet space is! *sigh* I know the purging process is far from complete, and with all the shelving and cubby space that The Mr has promised to build me above the countertop, I’m sure I’ll make do. Or else I’ll start storing the SpringForm pan under his pillow.

A trash can. I have no idea where a trash can will fit anywhere in the house, let alone the kitchen. It just doesn’t seem reasonable to store it in the dryer, so I’m at a loss. But wherever it ends up, we’ll squeeze in an extra space for the recycling, too. Of course, we’re not going to have room to keep a case of water on hand, so our plastic recycling will be cut dramatically! Maybe the same will go for the rest of our disposables??

So, now that you’ve had a fun walk through a bit of my crazy, come with me to experience the joy of our first appliance purchase! If you’re read this whole post, you’ve probably forgotten the title and don’t even know what appliance to expect…how exciting for you!! This appliance has also been a source of frustration in deciding between all the options on the market, but when The Mr found this one on Craigslist, I was instantly smitten. It fits the space we had allotted for it, it’s electric (not gas), it works (according to the guy we bought it from), it came out of a house built in 1956 so was likely manufactured the same year as our Spartan Imperial Mansion was built, AND it’s the exact color we had already chosen for our accent. I present to you, The Oven:

So now you see the gloriosity!! Isn't it, well, glorious?! *sigh*
So now you see the gloriosity!! Isn’t it, well, glorious?! *sigh* (On my computer screen, this pic is a truer color than the next one.)
The inside needs a new gasket and could use a bit more scrubbing, but is in truly great shape!
The inside needs a new gasket and could use a bit more scrubbing, but is in truly great shape!

This oven is a GE built-in, or wall-mount, oven, so it does not have a stovetop. Which is fine, because we already planned to put a separate cooktop on the other side of the kitchen where the existing exhaust vent is. Exactly which cooktop is yet to be determined.


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