A Thousand Words

I know it’s hard for a lot of people to really “get” what it is that we are doing. Not only hard to understand why, but hard to visualize what is literally going to happen. Or maybe that’s just me? To tell the truth, I think my mind’s eye needs glasses. The Mr has lots of grand (yet tiny 😉) ideas, and vision enough for both of us, but I think he got tired of that blank stare I tend to give him when he describes exactly how things are going to look.
So he did what any self-respecting designer would do: he designed detailed, fully-furnished renderings of our new living room/dining room/kitchen space. Not only does this help me to see The Mr’s full vision, it also helps us to finalize our plans and know how our furniture and appliances will fit. And it’s been an ideal winter project for him to work on while it’s been too cold be accomplishing anything in the Spartan. 


This view includes our “front” door, the main entrance to Etta. The details amaze me! Some of them are actual pictures of my Fieast dishes, blender, etc. Notice the pattern we laid out for the floor tiles? The Mr took pics of the 3 colors and individually “laid” them in here for me to see the full effect. Have I mentioned before that he’s a keeper?
The “port side” elevation woukd be your view walking through the front door. We’ve since realized that our current sofa sleeper will not clear the mini-split (HVAC) system that we want once it’s unfolded, so it will have to change. But it’s much better to have realized this on paper now than when our first overnight guest shows up later!

If you have any questions about our plans, please ask! 😃

One last thing…being inspired by the fun throw pillows on the fictious couch, picked up some coordinating fabrics and tried my hand at making a pillow! I’m pretty happy with the results. 🤗

Ice, ice baby

It’s been two months since we brought home our big blue beautiful 1950-something fridge, so it’s time for an official update. Not much else has been happening on the Spartan front through winter, just a few odds and ends and wrapping her up for safe-keeping.

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