Hi all! Meet the “Spartans”! We are a family of 3 who just made a huge leap by buying a 1956 Spartan Imperial Mansion to renovate and live in. Yes, we plan to downsize our already simple life and snuggle into 336 sq ft of living space. As you would expect with a 59 year old trailer, renovations are absolutely necessary! So we created this blog as a space to share that process with family, friends and anyone else interested. Expect to be awed with the beauty of craftsmanship from years gone by, and amused by our bumbling attempts to bring it all back to life. And there may just be an occasional random bit of life thrown in for good measure. 😉

SpartanMomma is a devoted wife and Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) about to begin homeschooling our one-and-only child, 4 year old SpartanKiddo. Fortunately, we live in the South, so outdoor schooling is about to become a very real thing in our lives. Beyond that, she plays softball, enjoys indoor rock climbing, and recently became certified to be a lead instructor for a High Ropes Challenge Course at a local ministry.

The Mr (who stubbornly refuses to be known as “SpartanPapa”) is an amazingly involved husband and father with full-time day job in architecture. A job that has given him a few handy skills when it comes to designing a livable home in a tiny space. To relax he hops on one of his 3 bicycles and hits the greenway for a few hours. He trains for and rides “Century Rides” on occasion – that’s 100 miles on bike in a day. Yes, his calves ARE hard as steel. Thanks for asking.

SpartanKiddo (who has no choice about his moniker because he doesn’t even know what a blog is) is our curly-headed 4 year old Rockstar-in-the-making! He loves his guitars and regularly puts on concerts at home. (Guitar storage is going to be a serious issue in the new place!) Like his dad, he is becoming a cyclist. But his forte is Balance Bike racing at the local BMX track. He is fast and fearless on the track, but shy as the day is long off it!

SpartanDog is our 13 year old yellow lab. He’s an absolute mess of a dog, who we think sometimes believes he’s a cat.


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