Come to the light

We’ve basically taken a break from working on the Spartan since Thanksgiving, but I do have a bit to report on. Namely, we have power!!

That’s right, up til now, we had no idea if the electrical wiring was intact or even functional. Our original goal was to have an electrician out to evaluate it before Christmas, but we haven’t gotten that done yet. Our friends in who are building a proper tiny house in their driveway mentioned that they just strung an electrical cord out to the Tiny to test their electrical work. (It may have been a bit more complicated than that, but this is what I heard. 😉) So after a few times of me asking The Mr “why can’t we just pull an extension cord out here and plug in the house??” he made it happen. But it wasn’t quite that easy. Here is the plug we had coming out of theSpartan: 
  Some of our helpful Spartan friends online pointed out that this was actually a 50 amp dryer plug and NOT the receptacle we should have. So a trip to Lowe’s and I think two trips to Camping World finally resulted in a fancy-dancy replacement plug that The Mr re-wired onto our existing cord and a heavy-duty extension cord that was EXACTLY the right length to reach. And those were connected by a spiffy adaptor thing. (And this is why we’re gonna hire a professional electrician!) 

There’s that spiffy adapter. 😉
The over-the-bed light fixture in our master bedroom, with original shade.
  But the end result was such a major relief to me, because WE. HAVE. LIGHT!! There are a couple lights that aren’t working, and a few outlets that aren’t getting power, but those will be issues for the pro. I’m just excited to know that we have a good base to start with. The eventual game plan is to have a new “bigger” panel installed for any extra outlets we add and to feed the large kitchen appliances, while the rest runs off the original panel with LED lights. If you want more detail than that, you’ll have to ask The Mr. We’ve officially exhausted my current knowledge of all things electrical with this post. And I’m only 80% sure about most of it. 😋
A gratuitous pic of the electrical service door. It’s so cool!

Oh, and on one of those trips to Camping World, The Mr happened upon a Class A RV cover on clearance. It was new in the box, and basically exactly what he’s been telling me we need but we weren’t willing to drop the cash on it. It was almost 1/2 off, so he went with his gut and we fought the dang thing onto Etta over the weekend. Here she is, in her fancy new dancing dress:
This cover will protect her from the filth that keeps collecting from the tree above. It has zipper access to the doors so we can continue work at will.
And yes, we named her Etta.