What’s in a Floor?

I’m feeling a little Shakespearean today, and had trouble landing on the right title for this post. It was a toss up between “What’s in a Floor?” and “Asbestos? or Not Asbestos? That is the Question”. If you read my first post, you know how much I love the original flooring in the Spartan. I mean, it’s REALLY cool. Here’s a close up of a few tiles I cleaned up in the bedroom:

The colors were probably brighter in '56, but I dig the soft hues.
The colors were probably brighter in ’56, but I dig the soft hues. They look even better in person!

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She’s hoooo-oooome!!

This is the day that our nerves have been preparing for: moving day! But this wasn’t your typical “moving day”. There were no boxes marked KITCHEN, nor a Uhaul in sight. No, this was the day that we moved our new house to our old house. We’ve decided that the easiest (and cheapest) way for us to do this renovation is to stick the Spartan in our backyard – no lot fee or second mortgage, no worry about maintaining property elsewhere, and daily access for completing tasks big or small. It just makes sense! Continue reading

Spartan Day One!

Yesterday marked Day 1 of a new adventure for our family. We purchased a 1956 Spartan Imperial Mansion – with full intentions to renovate it for daily living. That’s right, we bought a 59 year old trailer for our family of 3, and we are ECSTATIC!! Actually, right now we’re just anxious to get her moved home because, well, she needs some work.

We don’t have a good pic of the outside because she’s still in storage, but here’s a crappy pic in case you have no concept of what a Spartan is.

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